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    Spaze Dezigner
    Space Dezigner offers services for interior designing and space planning since 1973. We have expertise for executing turnkey projects for offices, unit residence, mass housing, hotels, clubs, educational institutes, commercial centres, shopping complex, public buildings, etc. using modern practices and knowledges, we ensure versatility in design detailing and simultaneously its implementation. We have earned a reputation of being a noteworthy enterprise due to our pursuance to commitment and hard work. In the pursuit of exactitude services, we even go extra mile to ensure quality, timeliness, and cost- effectiveness. Any proposed interior concept is prepared after a comprehensive interaction with the client in order to ensure exactness. We constantly upgrade our knowledge and resources to the next level of advancements, which always is helpful in exceeding clients’ needs and expectations. We also utilise the available resources together with state- of-art- technologies in order to provide unique services. Things apart, our exponential growth is pillared at flexibility, transparency and focus.
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